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Liliana - Great Natural Body in Mannheim, Stuttgart, Frankfurt

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Back in the Escort Team: Jessi, perfect mistress, erotic “Full Service” in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich

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Welcome to Luxury Extreme Escort - High Class Escort Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Berlin, Germany, International


Luxury Extreme Escort offers you something out of the ordinary – an erotic service specially tailored to your erotic desires and preferences, to stimulate body and mind likewise. A synergy you will be sure to like.

In pursuit of sensuality and passion, there are no rules. Each person derives their individual character as well as their concepts of eroticism from their varied experiences and backgrounds. Erotic fantasies are just as varied, no matter how unusual a fantasy may appear to anyone else.

Take your time while perusing our elegant and creative ladies. You’ll find intelligence paired with emotions, while each one of them possesses her individual understanding of passion and eroticism. Seize your chance to make even your most secret desires come true, in utmost style.
For example take a look at our High Class Escorts in Berlin.

Chloe, Susann and Mara are more than happy to assist YOU with your choice.

New Feedbacks on High Class Escort Ladies Germany & International 

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Paloma 08/15
I had a great time with Paloma - thank you! She's a great conversationalist and we had almost as much fun talking at the bar as we had later in my room. I was very pleasantly surprised by her warm and caring personality as well as the breadth of topics we talked about. But this was just a prelude to one of the best and most intense experiences I have had in a long time. I'm not going to go into the private details - let's just say Paloma is a lioness in private, and if you tame her, you will be rewarded with an intense experience that you won't easily forget.

High class Escort Berlin: Lara 08/15
Thank you for organizing the date with Lara. Do send her my regards, it was an absolute pleasure spending time with her and getting to know her.

High Class Escort Cologne: Yasmin 08/10
Thank you for setting up the date with Yasmin.
She could not have been more charming as a conversationalist and more accommodating. She is a true gem! Thank you!

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Noemi 07/28
Just left Noemi, very good meeting indeed, I would highly recommend spending time with her.

High Class Escort Berlin: Allesia 07/07
I had a very nice time with Allesia. She is a charming, friendly and affectionate young lady with a good head on her shoulders. I couldn't have asked for more.

High Class Escort Berlin: Lara 02/07
Please read her great FEEDBACK at CAPTAIN69

High Class Escort Berlin: Lara 06/29
Lara was sensational last night. What a gorgeous lady. Intelligent, charming and beautiful - she has it all!
I'm completely smitten!!

High Class Escort Berlin: Julie 06/26
Julie was great...good personality, open and well educated....thanks for organizing. 

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Olivia 06/25
Olivia just left. Wow! Amazing women on every level. Beautiful, elegant, classy, smart, kind, sexy, stylish, funny.
Could have spent the whole afternoon with her and been a very very happy man.
Thank you for recommending her. She needs to have her photos re-done as her new short hair looks incredible.

High Class Escort Berlin: Julie 06/23
Julie  is so NATURAL nothing fake well natural not only her body but her way of being very very natural just a super girlfriend experience she`s intelligent and we never ran out of subjects to talk of it was maybe 5am when we went to sleep we talked all night long but we had so much fun. and yes she knows what`s she`s doing very very good at private stuff also i totally recommend her i super enjoyed my time with her and for me it was and is about the life experience you get and i was really happy :) i would love to see her again with pleasure oh.. and i picked her because of the private pictures she had the amateur ones, i wouldn't had picked because of the professional ones.

High Class Escort Stuttgart: Bambi 06/19
Bambi is a lovely woman and I had the most amazing time with her.  It's too bad we both are leaving Germany tomorrow because I could spend the whole day just talking to her and drinking in her beauty.  She truly is a wonderful and interesting person and I am so glad I met her.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Amelie 06/17
I just had the most wonderful date with Amelie. She is gorgeous and fascinating. It's hard to imagine how someone so young can be so multilayered and worldly. She is way ahead of her years in maturity. I don't know how you find such amazing girls, but I'm very glad you do ;-)

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Nalani 05/22
Just a quick message to thank you for the perfect organisation. I am sure you are not surprised if I tell you that Nalani is a stunning woman...under all aspects.  It was a fantastic evening.

High Class Escort Berlin: Julie 05/20
Just wanted to thank you for organizing my date with Julie.
She was just wonderful: beautiful, smart, sweet, sexy and a great conversationalist.  I couldn't hope for a better date! Thank you again and please thank one more time Julie for me.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Chanel 05/19
i just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to spend some time with gorgeous Chanel. You were absolutely right - SHE IS GORGEOUS. these were the best 3 days of my life. She is amazing in every way. Sweet/ Sexy/ Easy going/ Great personality The Perfect GFE
Thank you so much.

High Class Escort Warsaw: Jenna 05/15
Jenna is really wonderfull in everything!
And very professional! I will necessarilly try to meet her again in the future!!!

High Class Escort Prague: Nicol 04/20
I would like to thank you for organising the meeting with Nicole she is really beautiful and has great personality, we had a great time together and I would like to book another meeting with her...

High Class Escort Berlin: Julie & Lara 04/21
Hi there, Just to let you know that Julie and Lara were truly sensational tonight! One of the most enjoyable nights I can remember. Brilliant company, both as hot as hell and like two wild dynamos in the bedroom. I can't wait to see them both again.

High Class Escort Hamburg: Cassy 04/02
Hi Mara, Cassy was great thanks. Slim, enthusiastic and with good English. 

Feedback High Class Escort Munich: Anastasia 04/04
Mara, Anastasia was great, so much !!! so we have arranged to get together again tomorrow night

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Melody 04/02
Thank you for the great time I had with Melody. She is a diamond. Take care of her.

High Class Escort Hamburg: Adriane 03/27
First of all thank you for the arrangement - we succesede. I found Adrianne in the lobby and we actually both had a salat. When she found out I could speak some German every thing eased up and we had a wonderful time and a lot of talking.
When we came to the more intimt part it was a great and very possitive experience! Adriana is very sexy and has a lot of initiative...... I had a great time and I hope she enjoyed it as well.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Melody 03/15
Melody is really a beautiful girl, magic night. thank you for all.

High Class Escort Berlin: Soraya 03/15
Soraya is a very beautiful gentle lady with an outstanding sweet smile and killing lips. She is "funny" and young minded (in the good sense), open and genuinely enthusiastic about life. It has been a pleasure to spend an evening with her.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Valerie 03/14
The date with Valerie was outstanding. She is very beautiful, incredible attractive and pleasant in social contact and ... a real “firework” in bed, a genuine nearly untamable (but I did!!), hot, totally erotic submissive little playdoll. Her loud moaning and screaming and the sight of her little body wriggling defenseless in all positions when undergoing the highest erotic and orgastric pleasures were indescribable. A big thank!

High Class Escort Berlin: Julie 03/03
Thank you for organising Julie's visit to Hamburg at such short notice yesterday. What a jewel of a lady! Wonderful girl with beauty, brains, a fabulous body and terrific sense of humour. I was chuckling with her all night! Great fun. I'm madly in love!!

High Class Escort Munich: Cataleya 02/15
I wanted to let you know that Cataleya was very sweet and a pleasure to spend time with. She is truly an intelligent and dynamic young woman.

High Class Escort Vienna: Victoria 02/01
That was a nice Zurich stop :))
She is not only gorgeous, she is very nice to spend time with.
Send my regards and thank you

High Class Escort Vienna: Milena 01/30
Milena is very intelligent, talkative, interesting. A great conversationalist. She has a very beautiful face which i enjoyed to look at constantly because always changing according to her expressions, emotions, according to he light in her eyes, the position of her hairs,...

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Melody 01/26
It was very very good. She is a gem.

High Class Escort Vienna: Linda 01/23
I just wanted to write and tell you what a great time I had with Linda. She was right on time and fun to be with. Thank you

High Class Escort Vienna - Victoria 01/22
She was very nice and I can highly recommend her

High Class Lady Vienna: Liv 01/20
Hello, I had an exceptional time with Liv. It was a great afternoon an evening spending time with her. She is a great lady!

High Class Escort Vienna: Milena 01/19
Thanks Susann, Milena was really great, in every aspect :-)

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Sia 01/18
Thank you for everything, Sia was amazing! I look forward to working with your agency again. If you have any ladies coming to NYC or Dubai in the future please let me know.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Sarah 01/18
She was awesome! Gorgeous, sweet and sexy. Thanks.

High Class Escort Vienna; Lusy 01/15
Thanks for organizing the date with Lusy. I had a really good time with her on Saturday night.
I hope I could see her again in the near future.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Valerie 01/05 
The date with Valerie was super !!
She is a lovely and very beautifull young lady. We had a great afternoon together (I hope she confirms that.. :-)
Thanks for the organisation again.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Valerie 01/09
Thank you for a wonderful evening/night/morning. She just left to airport.  Please send my best regards to her, she is a very nice person :)


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